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Julia Karovina

Art Director & Graphic Designer


My name is Julia (Yuliya) and I have always had a penchant for visual creative expressions. Regardless of the medium or canvass, art has always appealed to me, and thankfully it has always flowed through me; this passion for expressing creativity has fueled most of the choices in my life.

I earned my first Bachelor’s Degree in Art Teaching & Computer Graphics In 2011, from Belarusian State Pedagogical University (BSPU) in Belarus, my country of origin. Ever since then, I have gone on to acquire more creative art-related degrees and certifications. I have a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Communication Design and Advertising Degree from the New York City College of Technology (CUNY) NYC, New York. I was also recently selected to study at Cannes Lions School at Young Lions Creative Academy to further my creative knowledge.

While I have dedicated a lot of focus on getting certifications to prove my expertise, I have equally garnered the necessary experiences that I believe has helped me create a firm footing in the creatives industry. 

I started my professional career working as a graphics designer for three years - this desire and passion has grown in recent years into advertising, of which I have a great deal of experience in too. One of my notable impacts includes my work with a pharmaceutical advertising industry that’s a part of the Omnicom group. I also have experience working with a variety of businesses, ranging from startups to beauty, wellness, and finance.

I currently am an Art Director in the advertising industry, working to create campaigns that are impactful, original, and memorable. I love everything about creating campaigns, from research and brainstorming to delivering unique solutions to clients. While I value all aspects of creative advertisements, my passion for responsible advertising has grown above others this involves advocating for the need to make positive impacts on humans and our environment through advertising. 

I believe that it is our collective responsibility to take better care of ourselves and the planet, and I feel responsible advertising has a huge role to play in securing that reality. Plus, it feels good to know that your creativity can help to solve real problems.

What Sets Me Apart

In my relatively short period on Earth, I have had the opportunity to live in two different countries with totally deferent lifestyles. This experience has helped with the way I perceive things; for me, this is my unique selling point. The ability to see things in a way that’s different from others has helped me over time to consciously develop solutions that are relatable to both sides of the coin. 

In addition to that, my Art background shines through in my advertising works. I am a talented sketch artist, painter, and illustration creator. I also have a strong visual sense of perception, great typography skill, composition, and color; I also make sure to stay updated with the latest industry styles and inclinations to keep me at the top of my game when creating new campaigns.

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