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Express Your Heart, Papyrus

Creative Brief

Challenge: The values of communication was shifted to the digital world which doesn’t replace personal communications and special occasional greetings.

Competitors: Hallmark Cards, Party City, Visant Holding Corporation, Hercules

Target Audience: Primary Audience: Female age 25-30 and 30-40 groups with income average from $25,000 to $100,000, educated, married or/and social active.

Objective: Attract attention of new consumers to buy Papyrus greeting cards. Increasing value of real communication with family members and friends. Promoting visual style of Papyrus greeting cards.

The Message: Digital world can’t replace real feelings and communication. Power of a real thing is bigger than a digital copy of it.
Proof: Compare your feelings between a real hug and an emoji hug on FB messenger. Wouldn’t one real look in the eyes of your loved ones replace 100 texts?


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