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Verizon Up, The One Club Creative Boot Camp
Team : Julia Karovina (Art Director), John Simons (Art Director), Michael Rodríguez (Strategy Developer),
Jun Yang (Graphic Designer), Mesbah Uddin (Graphic Designer)

Creative Brief

Situation: Verizon partnered with a range of music artists (Justin Timberlake, Luke Bryan, XAmbassadors, etc.) to drive awareness of their Up loyalty program.
Challenge: Most people, including current Verizon customers, don’t even know what Up is (a small percentage of subscribers have enrolled in the program).
Product Background: Verizon Up is a loyalty program for Verizon customers that lives in theMy Verizon app, which most customers have and use to pay their bills on their mobile devices. It’s easy to get Up rewards (from Starbucks gift cards to VIP concert tickets), just pay your bill to get rewards and then redeem in the app.

Connections (Media) Considerations: Media support includes Snap, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Diagnosis: Verizon UP is a victim of Verizon’s own success. The application has done too good of a job integrating into customers lives. So well there’s no need for customers to get on the app and discover Verizon UP. Verizon needs to create awareness by hijacking the behaviors that would drive customers to Verizon UP.

Guiding Policy: Most behaviors, if not all, are susceptible to situational forces. None is more tenacious than time. Whether we have too much, or too little, time molds our behaviors. It molds us. Verizon UP can leverage behavior’s susceptible cultivating a sense of immediacy.


HURRY UP Campaign: The sense of immediacy will be delivered through the countdown on each platform.

  1. Snapchat free run game with Justin Timberlake. The game's goal is to help Justin to make to his own concert on time and at the end to send players to learn more about the Verizon Up Loyalty program.

  2. FB posts with unique offers

  3. Instagram posts with unique offers, #harryup

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