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As a young creative specialist, woman and immigrant I met certain difficulties in finding my dream job in New York. I've been passionate about Advertising and Design since forever, got my Bachelor's with Magna Cum Laude, I am not afraid of challenges, and absorb new information as a sponge. I just couldn't wait to start my career in advertising because I love it! For me a fine ad campaign it's the same as ice cream for a kid. Gimme more!

Applicant Tracking System is my enemy. One day I was filling out a job application #nnn and realized that I can't beat it. I tried all these online tips, changed my resume multiple times and still had no result. Exactly at that moment, I got mad, like really mad. I wanted to crush the ATS, so I visualized it as a person and let my steam out in my imagination. Eureca! What if I make a campaign and show that I am good at advertising? What if can beat the ATS? What if can tell this story and make people laugh? What if advertising agencies will notice ME and not my resume? The process was really fun, from sketching the costume to coloring my shoes and making posters. Hope you will enjoy the video!


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